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Increases the humus in the soil. A good base for the growth of microbes making organic nutrients available for plants.

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Feed your garden with good quality compost, water it well and mulch your beds with a layer of organic material like Bark Mulch.

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Stanler Farms Quality Products

in Johannesburg, Gauteng and Cape Town Areas.

Benefits of using our compost

  • A living, healthy soil, enriched by high levels of beneficial micro-organisms.
  • Good root structure to the plants and grasses, allowing optimal growth.
  • Minimal maintenance – no additional fertilizers needed.
  • Cost effective – excellent return on investment
  • We deliver in the Johannesburg, Gauteng and Cape Town Areas

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About our great compost

Stanler Farms recycle spent compost Mushroom Compost which is extremely high in Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium. Mushroom compost also contains a range of micro nutrients, great for plants & gardens. Stanler Farms can boast the most nutritiously and consistently produced compost on the market in the Johannesburg, Gauteng and Cape Town Areas.

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We would like to invite you to the Stanler Farm Nursery. We are open on Sundays.